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I should be finishing the kids folio, but my head is JAMMED now.. so, doing the next best thing to napping *i don't do naps! hehe* is~~ BLOGHOPPING! hehe

just like our W day, the wedding shoes should also be perfect :) so i blogged on what to look for in your wedding shoes.

sure, some of you will rent *or provided* shoes, along with the dresses but being a perfectionist *and having a small feet* that I am, I will be buying mine :).

What should you consider when buying one?

1. Comfort
although you will be sitting during the majlis, you will still have to wear them, right? so there's no point of buying a gorgeous Manolo's if it is killing you! Besides, it will show in the photos! huhu

2. Heels
The heels is important as the wedding dress' length will be altered according to its heights. if you aren't comfortable in wearing stilettoes, try wearing a platform shoes. They are sturdy and will add the desirable heights.. hehe.. if else fail, you can always turn to your favourite ballet flats :)

3. Fabric
Brides usually opt for satin or silk. But there's no harm in trying suede or patent.. make sure it doesn't clash with the dress and won't ruin your dress as well *swarovski, beads*

4. Size
Make sure the really fits you. Even a size matters, and as I mention before- its gonna show in the pictures later! Try to shop in the evening, where your feet is at its largest.

5. Breaking the shoes
No, I am not talking about damaging it! Its trying to make sure that the shoe won't cut (huh?) your feet during the Majlis. So do try it on for a couple of minutes everyday prior to the wedding.

6. Back up Plan
If your decided to wear a more comfy shoe during the day, make sure it is the same height as the original one. You won't want the dress to drag the ground nanti kan?

i still dunno how mine would look like.. Hope I am gonna find my perfect pair :)

♥ pink! ♥

diamonds :)

sweet! polka-dot

no lace dress for this shoe.. huhu

nice one!

♥ Blue-soled Louboutin! ♥


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