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Bandung - Jakarta - Bali?

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as i was in my hometown for a few days last week, ♥Beh♥ and I made some plans to meet up.. along with my kids ofcourse.. i can't really leave them at the hostel, right?

so, on our way back to the hostel - after treating the kids with some arcade time.. hehe - we had a little talk about Honeymoon destinations.. heh heh

We've always been eyeing on Bali. Beh has this thing with islands and beaches. Me, i am more to a waterfall person. heh heh. Bali is KIV-ed. (^_^)

I also mentioned Jakarta or Bandung to beh. He missed an office trip last time and he said we should consider going there too. Yay! Shopping TRIP~~~~


but then, with the recent bombing, we should have a plan B.. so.. which island will it be? Hmmmm~~~

♥ ♥ ♥