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Wedding # 2

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i woke up quite early today.. 1stly because its Beh's birthday [Happy Birthday Sayang].. and 2ndly, I promised beh that i would accompany him to his colleague's wedding..

but then, around 7am, mom called me and asked me to go with Dad to one of his friends' *and our jiran also* wedding at one of the nearby hall..

wait for it

>>with a mission<<

hehe.. basically, she asks me to do some scouting and jadi perisik jap *wakaka* at that particular dewan. mendengarkan the last statement, i immediately texted beh, telling him that i am following my dad for kenduri, and will only go dating after.. hehe

ok, pics please..

outside the dewan. quite different since the last time i went here :) dah cantek sket dah compound dier
where i was seated. notice the dais at the corner of the pics.

dais and the newlyweds *congrats farina and faizal*

wedding favours. cantik. lov the colour.. hehe

so my opinion on the dewan:

  1. Pros: dekat dengan umah, good lighting and aeration, quite cheap *bleh nego coz BIL knew the person in charge*, luas :), bley muat around 400++ pax at a time *i think can squeeze in more, depending on the table layout*
  2. Cons: Parking, wedding deco bley match ke?, it wasn't really my 1st choice.. hehe
  3. Verdict: KIV.. heheh.. kene tunggu my mum balek baru dapat konfirm.. hehe

gamba tak berkaitan.. my dad got this from one of the 5 *yes FIVE* wedding reception that he went to yesterday.. hehe.. my dad the hero! hehe
to be continued~~~~

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