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its been a year

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crap! i've been meaning to write this post a couple of days ago tapi lupak jak... hehe..

can't believe it that I've been blogging here in blogger for a year now! and i thought it was only a phase.. like Joining Friendster.. hehe... speaking of, its been ages since i check my fs account, and i found out one of my friends got married in MARCH and I NEVER KNEW UNTIL I OPENED THE BLOODY FS UNTIL JUST NOW!

Adoilaaaa... Peenah, sorry for not attending your wedding.. asa bersalah gilak... huhu.. sorry ah...

anyway, i've been writing journals since 14, if i'm not mistaken. it all started when my then English teacher, Mdm Azlina (God Bless Her) gave us assignments for our semester break.. that is to write an entry everyday for the whole holiday.

that was the start of it, i guess.. i still kept most of them, i even have my bff's journal since she kept one f mine.. hehe.. i would write about anything, and everything..

when i were 17, my journal got famous for all the form 5.. why? coz everyone was writing in it. it kinda got turned into this chatting book where everyone can write *or chat* in it.. at one point, some even got into a fight because of it! huhu...

anyway, being ONE year old, i think i shd do something to the blog, i just dunno yet.. tunggu je lah yer.. hehe

to loyal readers and commenters, thanks for visiting and commenting.. i really appreciate it all.. any comments and thoughts are most welcome :)

p/s: i think i'm gonna transfer some entries from my previous blog here.. and really see how i wrote back then.. hehe

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