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Today's buy..

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went out with my sis today.. just being the chaffeur and all.. and as usual, i only charge for the food.. hehe...

today's findings are...
EH! mag and a cheap-a** perfume! :)

i was never really a fan for adidas, so i was a bit skeptic when i started using it last year around december, i think. but once i smell them, i liked it! it is absolutely delicious. clean, crisp and fresh put together in one amazing bottle. it has a hint of Raspberry, Musk, Black Currant, Sandalwood, Freesia, Cyclamen.

this is on a set or something. usually they only sell it separately :) got quite a bargain here there's a perfume, bodyspray and showergel inside. well, i also got a free Adidas cosmetic bag. Although i did wish it was in another color.. huhu *pink la*

oh, yeah.. today's food diary:

brunch @ 11am
SCR's steamed chicken rice. Nyum!

dinner @ 7pm

heck, this chicken cornish (from SR) is so gigantic, took me about 2 hours to finish it! ;p

in between: guava, asam kedondong, GreenTea n dragonFruit :)..

no junkfud today, so good! :)

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