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Nothing to Do, Nothing to Say ;)

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1stly, looky - looky.. I have protruding collarbone now! hehe.. I know its nothing for you guys, but its a biggie for me! hehe.. coz I have this mindset that if my collarbone starts protruding, then i am losing weight! hehe.. so, yay! but still 6kgs to go! hehe..

2ndly, I think i have found everything that I want for Me on my wedding project.. I won't reveal it yet *nanti lemau lak* and i havent visited any tailors or wedding planners or anything. but, for sure its in the ranges of the things that i've blogged here.. hehe

what else? doing nothing today. I am still tired from my journey.. hehe.. but, mebbe will go out with beh for dinner later *patutla diet aku hancus tiap kali balek cuti.. hehe*. i craving for a good sandwich.. huhu..

better get ready :)
♥ ♥ ♥