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Congrats Amy and Asrul :)

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went to one of the 1st friends' wedding for this school hols.. and this is the first time that i really listened and take note on the wedding solemnization ceremony by heart. i mean really denga, n tengok betul2 amenda yang jadi time bace nikah.. hehe..

Anyways, i knew Amy coz we were in the same faculty at Uni and Asrol was also from Uni *diff fac tho*. Amy was also Beh's schoolmate and Asrol was his Matric mate.. now Beh and Asrol are Alpha-mate.. haha That's Sony Alpha, okay.. hehe

Anyway, it wa a small and intimate ceremony, just now. I was concentrating hard, taking points and notes on what was happening during the majlis, and at one point Beh teased me that I must be thinking bout our majlis! hehe.. U knew me too well sayang.. hehe

Amy and Asrol, congrats on your wedding day. Semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu.. :)
♥ ♥ ♥