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The Food Diary

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as i mentioned in my previous post, I am now in KaChing for a few days. just wanna share what my food intake today.. before that, a surprise from sisAlin in MYY .. thanks so much! Lov them!

lets talk about food now.

breakfast. One word.. Nyum..

One of the reason why i came home for the Labour Day weekend was to celebrate the birthday of my two Ben 10 nephews; the twins.. they are 7 now and they are the reason why i wanted to teach kindy. lov them so much. i kissed them as much as i could now before they are too embaressed to be kissed by their auntie.. hehe.. dah bujang lak ne maok di cium auntie gik, gepren jak maoknya.. haha!

the food.

the cake cutting.

what i ate.

I swear it was only 1 piece. it was too rich for me. not much of a fan for chocolate here. i only consume them in moderation.. hehe.. if it were an ice blended or chocolate drink, that's another story.. hehe

will be leaving for work tomorrow.. aih, singkatnya cuti :(

♥ ♥ ♥