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Fully Charged!

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as my sister would say it.. AIYEMBAAAAACCKKKKK... hehe.. i am back from my too short trip home. arrived around 9 this morning.. tired but still wanna blog.. haha

went everywhere with mom. *supir, biasalah.. nama gik keta mak nak?* i also followed her to buy some Kueh Lapis @ D'Wannie's, one of the tastiest kueh i've ever eaten..

there, we met suzie, one of my faculty-mate back in uni-days. she was looking great as ever :) and she commented on how 'kurus' i look that day *happy* thanks suzy, you made my day... hehe

later, me and mom had Mee Kolok for breakfast before running around pasar minggu in satok.. bes la.. lamak dah x shopping ngan mami.. huhu..

miss home terribly..

oh yeah, no PTA meeting when i went this time. Time constraints and all.. but i did get a great news but can't really share it yet.. wait got confirmation lorr.. hehe
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