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Selepar boyak! Ngap!

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The other day when beh visited me, he came wearing his grey t-shirt, washed out 512, grey socks and CHARCOAL CROCS! He looked so cute and color coordinated! whicH i loved so much! hehe

He first thought of wearing his Chuck and Taylor's but I told him his croccies would be better since its lighter and water proof..

Now, seeing him travel that way made me wanted to buy one too..

last year around april, I ordered a pair from Poppies, tS (coz they didn't have the size, color and design that I wanted in their stock). It was an Alice Jane, in Black which would surely pass as my work wear..

Alice in Black
Alice in Red

But when it did came (around Raya) I had used my budget for my Engagement and had to let it go! HUHU

Now, I think I SHOULD own one since I am travelling more! ( and walking 4 flights of stairs in your strappy heels doesn't sound sexy..).


Eenie.. Malindi Leopard in Cotton Candy

Meenie.. Malindi in Berry (nyumm!)

Miney... Malindi in Cotton Candy
Moe~~~~ Olivia in red!

p/s: these Positano would sure made Dorothy happy to click her heels home!

♥ ♥ ♥