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Sadness.. Sobness

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Just got back from sending Beh home to Kaching.. The hardest thing I ever do every time he comes to visit.. This time ,the visit was helping me to move out of a house and into something more appropriate. Something more homey.. Will blog bout my new home later..

He messages me yesterday around 9am saying "Dear di Kapit tok".. I showered as fast as i could and went to meet him. I felt as if an angel has been sent for me to help me (and Bella) to move! I was so psyched!

After feeding him lunch and finishing up my packing, we load my stuff into the moving van and off we go. It was around 2.30pm! Yada yada yada we finished loading it up around 4pm. That is including bringing it up 4 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS! yes i now live on the fourth floor.

We then went to Pasa kejap to buy all the necessary things and some food for our dinner.. Todays special was Ayam Penyet prepared by Beh of course! hehe

Hey, writing all this made my tears welled up. I better stop. :'( I miss him already..

Beh, thanks for coming over to help me out and keeping us happy ever just for a day. Really appreciate it sayang.. Thats why I lov you

♥ ♥ ♥