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Boyfriend or Exboyfriend?

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There is The Boyfriend Jeans, and apparently, now its The Ex-Boyfriend Jeans.. I should say Katie Holmes should be blamed for this trend. She was spotted wearing baggy jeans with flats and cardigans after her Broadway rehearsal last year.

I couldn't say that I am a fan coz I have this thing with folding the hem of your jeans. It reminded me of my attempt to fit into my sister's jeans during my tuition classes in my primary years! Scary! Haha!

But, there are a few celebs that pull this trend well and I love it on them coz they didn't folded the hem jus as Katie did.. Don't fret Katie, though you're not much of a trendsetter, you did marry Tom Cruise and got yourself Suri, one of the cutest Hollywood brats ever!

Now, the Ex-Boyfriend Jeans is just what it says. The looked like it belonged to your ex.. Baggy, worn and distressed.. Which means, the shabbier it is, the longer you've parted with that boyfriend! Haha!.. To achieve this, I think you can just partially destroy the Boyfriend Jeans to make it The ExBoyfriend's! Haha!

There are a few rules to wearing this Jeans.
  1. Make sure it is straight cut. Bootcut or flared will be unflattering for the butt.. hehe
  2. If you have to roll the end, make sure it sits on top of the ankle.
  3. Pair it with a masculine piece, such as tank tops or tee.. but make sure it is fitted to avoid looking like you've been raiding your boyfriend's closet. hehe..
  4. Wear flats or sneakers. Wearing pumps or heels seems a bit tacky.
  5. Make sure it fits well on your hips. Cinching it with the belt to fit you wouldn't look nice.

Anyway, you can oly love it or hate it. Its your choice. Happy Raiding!

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