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Goodies from Home!

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last week, i made the effort (huh) to message the loved ones at home to send me goodies from kaChing.. when i mean goodies, its food ofcourse..

its been a while since i ask for goodies, so this time i texted beh and babysis to send me stuff.. any stuff will do..

today, after 4 days of waiting, it CAME!
ok, only one parcel came and it was from beh! mwah! thanks sayang..

it was so fun when the blue note from PPG kapit came to school asking me to claim
the parcel at the office.. around three, i went to the office and tada~~~~~

it was quite heavy, no wonder the uncle at schoool can't get it for me.. hehe...

i was so anxious to get home but we ( me and housemate) have to shop for the kids birthday bash this Saturday aka V-day.. Which means, birthday cakes and spoiling my diet.. haha...

as soon as i arrived home (after keeping all the things away of course) i tore up the parcel cover and got so p
syched seeing all this stuff!

nyum nyum! now i can cook all the spaghetti that i want! yay!

look! marshmallow, and sourstrip! my fave!!! har har!

the best part was receiving a heart candy with bells from beh.. besnya!

hehe.. bes lah sayang.. sayang b nak makan.. heh.. simpan eh.. lak kita share k? :) now i feel guilty for not sending any Vday gift for him... huhu

i am so happy rightnow, i think i am gonna sleep with a smile on my face..

thanks again babe.. for all the lovly things u gave me.. so lucky to have you :) sayang dear! mwah!
♥ ♥ ♥