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coincidence with the friday the thirteen, i got evicted from my home. yes that crappy hut/cave/shack that I called home.

apparently, with all the expenses and subsidies given by the Gov for missionary schools all around sarawak and sabah, the HM decided it should go to the lack of teacher's quarters. ergo, yours truly has to move out a.s.a.p or risking being demolished while sleeping in it.. huhu..

so now, i am in the middle of house hunting, with the eduwebtv course which i am attending on monday and tuesday and lack of transportation what so ever.

i was so down, that beh cheered me up by saying that he'll be coming to qp to help me to move and be the evertrusting handyman if i ever needed the help, and IF i found a new place to start moving in to.. SIGH..

i knew I would move out of that crappy place but i imagined it happened later a.k.a never as i have already transferred to Ka-cHing!

adoiyai.. I need a place to stay.. Adoh, sekda ka orang maok nyewa banglo RM50 sebulan? ;p

p/s: maybe i should move to Datuk Sng's place since I rarely see anyone coming out from his place there ;p

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