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The Sad Goodbye

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Bye guys.. this will be my last post from Ka-Ching.. From this IP.. For now la..

I am going to be away for work starting this Saturday (Registration).. And on Monday, I will be living my double life as a civil servant *sigh*

Though with sadness and heart-ache, my departure tonight will be accompanied by Beh and my Niece.. Lets call her Bella Swan. Bella Swan here will be starting school (Secondary to be exact) at QP with me.. Tuka angin katanya.. hehe

While Beh, he will be sending me off to QP as well.. Just to experience my Journey.. and see the hut cave place that I have lived in for the past year.

So.. Pray for my safe departure k? The next post will either be from school or the library.. My hut cave place cannot received 3g bah.. So, have a good 2009 guys.. Let's hope we can all achieve our resolutions :)

Till then...


p/s: Ne tauk mun Beh nangga betapa ojornya tempat ku diam, nya alu maok ***en alu ku Pat transfer!!
Translation: Lets just hope that seeing my crappy hut cave place will make Beh propose earlier n I can transfer! :p