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Dah Mula Dah~~~

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Today is the first day of school.. It was hectic! With a capital H! Adoila.. Very crazy.. There's this one kid who cried from the moment he stepped into the classroom, till the time he went back for home! Sik gila apa! I dun know where he have the energy and tears to cry all day long.. 1st day jitters I guess.. hehe

As for Bella, I still can't get her registered. Will all this crap procedure that I have to went through! I almost gave up and thought of sending her back to Ka-Ching! And with me as her luggage! Tension! Luckily my sis came to the rescue (in Ka-cHing) where she harrassed liase with the officer in charge every few hours which resulted that one page letter stating that Bella is accepted at the freeking school.. Angol!

As for Beh, I regretted bringing him to qp... As now, everywhere I look in my room, I saw his visions. In the kitchen where he cooked for me and Bella, I can almost hear his laughter.. And today when I went to the MBB, I remembered the private joke we shared while withdrawing the ca$h..

Now I miss him and Ka-cHing a lot more! huhu.. Cepat la CNY holidays.. Miss my fiance so much.. huhu..