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Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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as the fireworks pops in the air, i successfully dozed off infront of the telly.. heh heh

no CNY visiting for me this year, as always.. come to think bout it, i have never been to a CNY visit.. hurm.. hopefully next year adalah.. heheh.. last nite, dad arrived safely from kl, after a week or so there.. sometimes i envy dadi.. he flies on and off to kl every fortnight! how much fun can that be! but then when u only go for a business trip, it makes u think twice.. work related, not much shopping to do bah.. eheh

anywho, dad home means only one thing.. food! haha.. everytime dad's away, the fridge is always empty. not that i dun cook, its just that i dun feel like eating alone.. i've done those in qp, so when im in kacHing, i make sure that mealtime is always with family members or beh.. anyone as long as i am not eating alone..

bah.. this trip, dad also brought something special.. it is actually a gift from mom.. kwang kwang kwang~~~

thanks mom.. it's kinda a birthday gift, i know.. dad gave it to me wit a reminder

"mami mesan nyuroh kitak duak pegi kursus"



Happy CNY Everybody~~~

♥ ♥ ♥