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Oh so effing GREAT!

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So i was ready to blog bout my new birthday present from my babysis when I realised that I HAVE LEFT MY ADAPTOR CABLE FOR MY LAPPY AT QP! aiyyo! Absent minded! Is this a sign that I am getting old! Aiyah! Must make sure all bags are with me before leave hut! Sadis!

Anywho, babysis got me a new purse, and a very lovelyone I must tell u! But, i'll post the pic later k? Beh lov them too.. Hehe..

What did i do today.. After a good nite sleep last nite, Beh picked me up for breakfast.. Bimmers at Pj.. They serve the best laksa, so far.. And to have them, you have to come early or you'll be missing a piece of heavenly laksa aroma.. Nyum2.. Pics later.. Owh, Bimmers is located at the old Choice Food Centre, next to PJ and Gita school..

Next on the agenda was Wisma Seberkas.. We went on to picked up Fifi's (FSIL) new lappy.. And as she was so psyched that we had to send it back to Beh's crib so that she can play around wit it.. We then head to Blvd for some tender loving food! Hehe.. We stop by at Sony (as usual) and beh picked up a bag for his Alpha and me drooling at the Cybershots.. Hehe..

And hey, i found Zura there, buying her birthday presents I guess.. :)

We then had late Pizza lunch there... The service SUCKS! Big time! Bodo pizzahut Boulevard Kuching!

After dinner aka late lunch, we drive away to TS for window shopping.. Found things that caught our attention but we figured better let other Kuchingians finished with their CNY shopping..

Bah, im getting tired, blogging via Nicole82 tok.. kepak jari typing k fon doe! Sambung later lah.. Hehe
Beh menggodek2 Alpha bag barunya~~ hehe

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edzura says
Monday, January 26, 2009 at 1:11:00 PM GMT+8

hahaha...len kali mun nemu kamek tegolah ho..sapa tunang ktk oo? coz rasa mek cam kenal jak someone dlm sony reya pi sikdalah nak nangga gilak coz too excited with the present. keekekek

princessdHani says
Monday, January 26, 2009 at 3:37:00 PM GMT+8

Haha.. Malu.. Hehe.. Ktk gk asak glak upa bh.. Hehe.. Xpa.. Tunang kmk najib, ex kolej spm99.. Sama asa kmk.. Hehe