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$USD1000 Pizza?!

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I was browsing thru the channel when I stumble upon the Pizza Documentary on AFC.. Everything was so :puteh_26:

It actually made me crave for a slice.. Nyum.. Everyone have their own favorite versions of Pizza, of course.. Mine is thin crusted with loads of stringy cheese, pepperoni and olives..


Waduh~~ Godaan~~ :puteh_25:

Anyways, back to my story.. At the end of the show, they showed about the Most Extravagant Pizza which is The $1,000 Pizza of Nino's Bellissima in New York..

Why does it cost that much? Well its covered with fresh lobster (flown from Maine) , crème fraiche, chives and six types of caviar which cost approximately around $75 per gram.. :puteh_20:

Photo: Everett Bogue

Well, I dunno if I'd buy the $125 per slice and $1,000 per 12-inch pizza, but if you'd give it to me for free, or sure I'd try it!