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PC fair oh PC Fair

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ngah seronok2 ngedate ngan Tunangku n my niece, suddenly his friends (and mine) approached us..

g PC fair juh..

pegi la~~~

so off we went.. but before that I jest wanna show something that Beh bought before we went to the PC Fair


he was like:puteh_14: Pulang umah juh! nak main Cam tok!

haha... ok, back to my story.. wHile at the PC fair, my eyes caught something cute~~

cute huh? so I said to Beh, :puteh_2: Maok~~~

He was like :puteh_10:

Its so cute.. how can I ignore them~~ so i told him :puteh_7: Babe, Maok~~~ in my cutest voice

He said YES! yay! so on Sunday, we're gonna go get it! :puteh_28: Why Sunday u ask? Coz its gonna be the last day of the fair where prices will go down, no questions ask!

Counting the days for Sunday~~~ :puteh_19:


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J u l i a 。.゜✿ says
Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 8:23:00 PM GMT+8

hmmmm ju pun ada mickey mp3 tu. 2gb, harga rm79 only. masa beli tu mickey baru je cam ada kat malaysia. skang ni dah mahal..sampai dua ratus lebih. huhu~

tapikan yang.. batt dia cepat habis lah. tensen betul.

*stick with sony mp3. sony rawks*

princessdHani says
Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 10:29:00 PM GMT+8

RM200++?? mahalnye!

semalam tengok kat pcFair RM79 for 2GB..

mahal nyer...

actually i already got PSP as my MP3 player b4.. tp nk beli player mickey nie so that my bag tak la penuh sangat ngan Gadget yang berbagai2 nih.. hehe