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esok hari raya~~

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am blogging via Celcom Broadband from my mum's kampong.. no 3G here so u can imagine the speed of my connection..

i dun really have anything to blog about.. a post just for the sake of updating..

in a few hours, we will be up for Hari Raya.. this year, we celebrated Raya back in Kampong but sadly not all if us is here.. last year, big sis is away in Ireland; this year 3rd sis is away for a work related reasons which she cant get out of.. poor her; she'll be celebrating Raya alone this year in Miwi wit Gawy.. she also wont be back for the Kenduri which saddens me a bit.. but i told her we (me, babySis and beh) will be visiting her during my school hols next months...

this year is a bit busy and also an money energy-drenched year for me.. apart from Raya, i was also busy with the last minute preparation for the bigDay.. a lot of things to be done, and alhamdulillah i only need to buy the Holy Quran to complete the list.. beh already ~ well almost ready; with the hiasan and little things. as for our part, blom abis gik.. i haven't had the time to help mom with the preparations and hiasan.. so when we're back in KaChing on the 3rd day of Raya, I'll start on it.. hehe

i still have a few more days to prepare. but i am already nervous! haven't picked up my dress from Jenny.. so that will be the first thing that I'll do when we get back.. i hope i am gonna fit into them.. eheh

i need to go to bed now.. its getting late.. lastly;

Selamat Hari Raya to All.. Minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung Vincci kaki.. Hope its gonna be a great Raya for you as it'll be for me.. InsyaAllah