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of Glowing and having my first sahur on the bus~~

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m returning to qp tonite.. after spending two days in ka-cHing.. i was originally thinking about flying back, but then sekpa lah.. jimat kit.. need to save money for tHe plan..

for stalkers loyal readers, they shd know that i am planning for something this october.. what is it? hmm.. i cant really say much but am very excited and grateful that it is finally coming true..

after all the bitches hardships that we've been thru, it has finally come to this.. tho it is just a beginning, it is a very BIG step for us.. i guess by now u can imagine what's gonna happen rite?

my sis tells me i am practically glowing and flowery [bunga2 bah~] ever since our parents agreed about the plan.. although its gonna happen earlier than we planned, we only hope everything will go smoothly and well.. its gonna be small and intimate, so i hope our frens arent upset as we may wont be able to invite them.. but InsyaAllah, we'll try to invite everybody.. tunggu jak lah...

the other day when i called mom, she told me bout the Bonus given by paklah which we'll receive on Sept and Dec's pay.. she then told me..

'pak lah nang tauk takduak nak make duit raya lak ya.. Alhamdulillah, rezeki..'

hehe.. funny eh...

for now, i need to go to pasar minggu.. maok meli obor2 k plah umei k mbak plg qp.. d kapit mahai gila.. RM2o per kg!!! then maybe g shopping for raya dengan wie.. daaaaaa~~~

pink galore~~


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amerbourdon says
Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 12:51:00 PM GMT+8

raya datang umah kay..jauh sket..kat kampung muara tebas..heheh..