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angkasawan part II

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'beh, mimie mdh da talk dr. SMS rah Dewan Jubli malam tok.. maok g sik?'

'ah? ju lah.. mbak cam ah :D'

'k beh'

as i mentioned yesterday, beh had brought me to BatuDokblas to meet his mum.. Alhamdulillah all went well and InsyaAllah we'll be hearing a good news from his parents soon.. hehe...

from there, we went to buy some paint for his newly bought bumper, headlights, fender and hood.. so hopefull, by raya, we'll be able to jalan raya with his newly mod Opti.. but a long way to go before it fully transformed into an opti though...

from there, we went to TJ to survey a wrist watch for beh and finally headed to MBKS or as i just notice had changed it name to Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan.. we waited and waited for mimie and her better half wan and off we go to the dewan.. it was actually held at the compound there and by the time we reached there, sheikh had already finished his speech and went on to pass some BigMac to the orphans especially brought to meet him..

next agenda.. click click!

sheikh! tangga ctok!!

yah! tangga juak nya.. hehe

some more~~

tangga muka ktk lok.. hehe

dah... cukup lah~~