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she's dying...

my favourite shoe! she's dying.... huhu

why did it means so much to me?

i bought it last year, around November, i think... during the pursuit of buying this perfect shoe, i met the biatch person that almost wreck my life.. n guess what? that was the time that i knew that I WAS SLIMMER, TINIER AND FAIRER than that poor cow her! and thanks to my baby sis, she told me that all those pic of her were PHOTOSHOPPED so that she'd appear FAIRER!

and i thought i was dark! yeah right!

anyway, upon meeting her, i had a new found confidence.. that was the moment that i had the courage to completely zapped her out of my head! haha! the only way to end your nitemare is to meet it f2f..

poor that bf of her's.. i remember his msgs to me, that he was ashamed that she had acted the way she did and this exact sentence

Sia2 je didik dia

if my bf were to tell me that sentence, i think id rather be dead..anyway, i dunno what happen to her now.. im happy with my life, alhamdullah..
everything is back to normal..

now, i'm on a quest to find a new shoe!! haha! jum...


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anneNoNymously LANA says
Monday, June 23, 2008 at 1:49:00 PM GMT+8

LOLs..not really photoshop..i think she used photoscape too lah.. noticed the marks here and there