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chaotic rebate

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its been a really hectic day today.. it all went great after my visit to SGH.. went home for a while, blogged, then went out again to have lunch wit beh.. i quickly suggested TJ as I've been craving for their famous 'Claypot Chicken Rice.. hehe.. nyum2.. after lunch, bought RM15 worth of petrol, [my gas went up 4 bar] pick my baby sis from her work place and then went straight back home [by this time, my gas indicator had dropped to 3 bar oredi~]

played around wit my twin nephews for awhile b4 i head out again to send my other sis for work.. [i know2.. tok nang kaki kelayo bah..].. Hanging out at sbx KIA was a lot of fun, since the staff there [Happy BdayNizam!!~~] were really friendly and funny. i was actually waiting for beh to finish work so he could send this manjak girl me home..

b4 heading home, we stopped by at TS just for the sake of it. that's when i came across a gorgeous Starbucks tumbler that
made me RM50 poorer but i dun care!

kacak owh ;p

im lovin it! haha! i tried to persuade Jazyl to reserved it for me as i only bring enuff cash for it, but he couldnt.. so i tot, what the heck.. bli jak lah.. huhu.. then, we head home.. i noticed that petrol kiosk were extra crowded wit cars..

aih, pohai tuk?

it was at that point we remembered bout the rumors which actually were true! of price hike in gas.. beh sped up to send me home as i panicked remembering i had only filled just enuff gas for tomorrow's outing..


around 9, i brought my baby sis along to buy some gas, atleast enuff till i went back to qp.. so off we went to excel@taman hussein.. after around 15min of queueing up, the attendants pulled up a sign stating that there were no more petrol at the kiosk.. panicking, we went to try our luck at shell gita.. after various vocabulary of curses, songs hummed and picture taken of the nightmare jam, i finally got a turn to fill up my beloved myvi's belly.. i gave her RM35 worth of petrol [7 bar! yay!] and went straight home with a smirk on our faces.. the moment my car entered the kiosk, ive never felt so much better seeing that clamshell logo right in front of my nose...

just now heard the news bout RM600 rebate given to cars below 2000cc, and a discount of RM200 of road tax for vehicle >2000cc..
I'm wondering whether the rebate's gonna go to mom or me; since the myvi is mom's...