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am very much alive... thanks

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decided to stay for another day here in sbw.. when i have the chance to leave qp, i do it without any doubt... hehe..

rite now still sitting on the bed in the same hotel.. waiting for my belly to scream for food.. no lah, waiting for nite time so that we can meet up wit dekno!! lamak dah sik nemu nemiak ya.. eh, bini urang ya..

me and dekno, we've been together since our mrsm days.. we were roommates in form 4 & 5.. our matriculation were in different colleges though, but we met again when she transferred to UNIMAS frm UKM.. huhu.. we also became house mate till we graduated...

apa jak rahsia kamek duak yang kamek duak dikpun sik tauk... huhu..

she's married now, and working away frm home jest like me.. so an opportunity to meet like this shouldnt be wasted..

see u tonite my mate!