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May is here!

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Wow! Time flies so swiftly. ♥Dahlia is now 5 and a half months already! Which means she'll be starting on solid food in a bout a weeks time! So excited!

Since she's already got her spoon and bowl from her baby gift last time, I decided to buy her another "special" feeding spoon, as she now has learn to wiggle out of my grasp everytime we tried to feed her meds :)

So I bought this Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon for her.. So me (and her sitter) can feed her with one hand only! :) can you guys guess which colour I got her? Hehehe

Last week during Labour Day weekend, there was a sale on something that I have been eyeing since I knew that I was expecting. I guess deep down all modern mom would be dreaming on buying one of this. What would it be you ask? A Bumbo seat of course! Hehehe. Usually, they would be priced around RM200 to RM250, but because of the sale, I bought it less than RM200! Yay! Hehe

So far she loves being in it, walaupun paha sangat gebu dan sedap kadang2 stuck kat dlm tu.. Hahaha.. But since her spine is still quite fragile, I only put her there for 10 to 15 minute max..

Tomorrow, her Daddy and I are gonna go to the bookstore to get some recipe book for ♥Dahlia's baby food. Hopefully we're gonna find some good books for her :)

Can't wait!
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