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Today is day 9 of our school's 14day closure :D.. Yup, my school's being closed down because of HFMD..

It came at the perfect timing as ♥Dahlia was down with fever just a few days before and on the day we were suppose to clean up the school and class, her temperature went up again :(

Alhamdulillah, her fever has subsided, only her cough and flu is left. Hopefully she's getting better soon. Amin..

Anyways, tried this last night. Since Horlicks is one of my milk booster, I managed to persuade Beh to buy them for me! Hehe lama gila tak makan ice cream.. Tehehehe

Owh, and I also bought this. Hijabista. Not really a full time wearer yet, but I wanna try slow and steady. Its a start :)

Will update again later.. Till then :)

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