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I'm no Superman, but...

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Since becoming a mom, I have discovered that I have found new super powers :p

1. The ability to eat, shower and get ready as fast as the rolling thunder :D

2. The gift of sleeping lightly - even her slightest voice can wake me
up instantly

3. Mastering the art of Google-ing - my BlackBerry has become my
constant companion - any symptoms or changes can lead to :)

4. The ability to resist shopping for myself - so far, I've ogled at
various stuff (handbags, shawl, shoes) online but never have the urge
to buy them. But give me baby stuff - I would be bugging Beh about
them until he agrees to buy them :p.
Latest splurge - Dahlia's Newborn to Toddler Rocker :D

5. The resistance to the smell of pee, poop and vomit.

6. I can kiss and hug her all day long! :)

7. The gift of sleeping at any time, any position especially at night
or during bf.

8. Spicy, salty and gassy food has become my cryptonite - fearing that
my bm will taste funny :)

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