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Ho Ho Ho

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Merry Christmas dear readers.. That's if you are celebrating, of
course.. Today is a special day for babyDahlia because she's having
her doa selamat n cukur jambul tonight.. Together with her cousin
Damia, whose born last October.

Dahlia is 43days old today, which also means 2 more days till the end
of my confinement! :D So far everything is great and I can't wait to
finally bring Dahlia home to our own place. That's when the real
challenge begins. Mommy is really looking forward to spending time
with you before off to work in February.. Huhu

Speaking of, I still haven't had the chance to visit my new school.
According to the info given by the other preschool teacher, I am
going to get a new classroom (and building) which means there's gonna
be a lot of decorating and make overs to do! Huhu.. So my confinement
isn't really a confinement then.. :D

My crackberry is still mengong rite now, and I still can't upload
Dahlia's pics here.. And there are lots of them! Huhu.. Gonna try to
fix them soon..

Till then..