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Day 2

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Its been 2 days since I have arrived home in Kaching. And one of the
things that I did as soon as we reached home (around 10pm Sunday
night) was ripping out the packaging and parcels that I have been
buying for the last 4 - 5 months via online. Hubster had to persuade
me to go to bed as I looked so excited watching them all opened right
in front of me! Hehe

Almost all of the things in my list has been crossed. Now we only need
to buy the big stuffs.. Crib, mattress, strollers, car seat, bathtub,
etc etc.. Yes, they are all the big things. But, considering that I
would be having my confinement at my mom's house, we were thinking of
buying a moses basket instead. And when we finally moved back to our
own place, then we would buy the car seat and the crib itself :)

Speaking of, I didn't buy any commercial confinement set etc, instead
I chose to use a traditional confinement set. Ubat kampung made by
Beh's aunt, who's a mak bidan :). As for a confinement lady, most
probably my aunt (who used to be babysitting me and my babySis) will
be taking care of me during the day as my mom is still working, but
mom will be taking care of me at night :)

Tomorrow, I'll be having my 37w check up, my 2nd in Kuching.. I hope
baby's doing fine and everything will be sailing smoothly till the end

GTG now, I need to pack the hospital bag! Thank God Hubster's already
done with the baby's laundry ♥