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When 2 becomes 1

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On the same day that my BIL's wife were admitted to the hospital, my
sister was actually at the same venue.

You see, my sister were married last July, and alhamdulillah, a month
later she was confirmed to me that she was expecting. I was of course
overjoyed as I get to share the same excitement and stories of
pregnancy! :) an april baby! Which means my parents are getting 2
grandchildren at once! :)

Everything went smoothly up until last week. She told me that she's
having some spotting. I was feeling uneasy of course so I immediately
told her to go to the nearest doctor. There, the doctor told her that
he couldn't locate the baby in the womb.
Panicking, I told her to straightaway go to HUS for a 2nd opinion.
After being told to go to different levels of the building, she
finally met with the Dr there. And he conforms it. She's just had a
missed miscarriage. (╥_______╥)

A missed miscarriage occurs when the fetus dies, however the woman's
body continues as if the fetus is still viable.  The diagnosis of a
missed miscarriage is usually considered after fetal heart tones are
not heard or the size of the uterus has not grown.  Then a ultrasound
will be performed which will show a fetus that stopped growing several
weeks prior to the ultrasound and there will be no fetal heart tones.

I was heartbroken! I bawled for quite a while until Hubster reminded
me that I shouldn't be so emotional and sad as my baby might be
stressed :(
It was such a sad moment that although I have stopped sobbing, my
tears kept coming down as I ввм-ed her encouraging words and doa.. My
sister is sure the strongest person.
And the next day, my SIL delivered a healthy, happy 2.895kg baby Damia
:).. Talk about Kebesaran Kuasa Allah...

Sis dearest.. We will always ♥ you no matter what. You are strong and
brave, and InshaAllah everything will be better for u n ur hubby in
the future.. Amin
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