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Week 33! Gasps!

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Only 7 more weeks to go!
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm carrying an impressive 5 lbs and 17 inches of baby goodness inside my super-uterus. We're in the final weeks and I really need to start preparing for labor and birth. Interestingly, women who weigh less tend to labor for shorter periods of time & first-time labor tends to last longer than 2nd, labors.

17.2 in | 44 cm
4.2 lbs | 1.9 kg

 Gasps! I really can't believe that I am in my 33th week now! sure, my shirts and baju kurung are all a wee bit snug right now, and those kicks are getting more frequent and stronger, but still.... haih... Subhanallah :)

and owh...

Remember to eat less with each meal and opt for smaller more frequent meals, loads of water, and a post-meal walk to get things unclogged and less heartburn-tastic.

I just got another attack of heartburn + gassy + bloated + diarrhea just now... huhu painful! sapa kata a pregnant lady can eat all that she wants?  huhuhu

be happy inside there, little one. We'll be seeing Daddy this weekend, InshaAllah :)