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How I Met Your Mother

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Most of my friends know by now that I am obsessed with HIMYM.. So, since i am home alone this weekend, i decided to treat myself by downloading the new season of the sitcom!

the season starts where it left off at the last season; Barney's wedding :) Barney and Ted reminisce about Punchy's wedding, and Lily and Marshall reveal that they are having a child together. Marshall gets a job at the environmental law firm, Honeywell & Cootes. Barney proves to Nora that he can be a good boyfriend to her, and Robin regains feelings for Barney. Barney is forced to wear Marshall's ducky tie for a whole year after losing a bet with Lily that he can do a chef's job at Shinjitsu.

Anyways, if you wanna join me, you can download for the 1st episode of Season 7 here, 2nd episode here and the 3rd one here.

Enjoy! Its gonna be Legen.... wait for it!