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Its been a while

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Cobweb everywhere!

Its been a while since I last updated this sparse and pictureless
blog. I am blaming Celcom BIS entirely! :p I can't seems to be setting
up my email account on my crackberry! Opening the laptop is such a big
effort now, as mobile internet is my only choice now :p

Anyways, Eid has been great, Alhamdulillah.. Unlike last year, I
managed to visit more than 10 houses this year, including the house of
the late Madey, who passed away a few months back.

This year, Hubster's besties came back for raya after a few years
spending them on West M and I finally got to meet their son! Hehe..
So, instead of just us couples, this year everyone's bringing their
own handbags and minime's. Ours is still in my belly, of course but we
still have a blast! :) next year will be a different story coz we'll
be bringing out own Chanel 2.55 along :p

I wish I could say I took a lot of pictures this year as I already
bought my own camera for this kind of occasions, but hey.. We still
shot them on our BB :p.. So no pictures this Eid.. Besides, my big
belly and raya outfit kinda dampen my mood a bit -_-"

Wow, this is quite a long one.. Next update is going to be about the
baby's progress, I think :)

Till then.. ♥
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