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am struggling to finish this ssqs thingy but i just cant get my heart to do it sincerely. yes, i admit to taking this task and complaining about it all the time.. haih.. susah jadi orang yang tak pandai kata "NO" nih... i just agreed on doing it and then end up breaking my bones and getting stressed out..

BUT... inhale... exhale.. i can't deal with any stress right now.. not good for the little one and me...

anyways, i miss home so much. i used to jump on the plane whenever i feel like going home *which explains the neverending debt on my cc*.. but with this belly and the hormone changes, i have to really set a date and prepare mentally and physically only to spend the weekends with the ones that i lov.. my family :(

i feel like shopping but honestly i dunno where to start with the baby thingy and the list is VERY VERY LONG.... haih..

i should stop.. and call Hubster.. I just wish i can hold him instead to ease this stress :(