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on Unwinding and Bumpy Roads

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  • malas nak tulis panjang2. Just somethings that i wanna spill..

  • i can't believe how rude some online sellers can be. no greets and all, just direct scolding asking for proof of payment and all.. worst, they didn't even refer back to buyers after the payment. Leaving me wondering about the status. Huh...
    harap muka je lawa, manners ZERO.. pfffttt

  • how can a man be so insensitive when talking about his wife's miscarriage. Ko ingat dia suka2 nak gugur ke? ke ko gelak2 sbb takyah nak kluar duit nak tanggung belanja dia sepanjang pregnancy? ALHAMDULILLAH my spouse is not like YOU! syukur sangat sangat!

  • i'm really exhausted.. i need a break! :(