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My oh My...

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Had our Preschool Briefing today. Met with a lot of old friends and had quite a blast. Suddenly, Vin just blindly asks me, what did i do to my skin when i got married last year. she said that i was glowing and all.. that really made me thought of something..

i did kinda let myself go now, which makes me a bit bitter sometimes. I love taking supplements and doing vigorous exercise and living on a diet. But this TTC thingy has made me try to live normally and comfortably.. haih..

No, i am not blaming Hubster and Babysis for reminding me that over-dieting can really mess with the body. I am blaming myself for not taking this opportunity to eat better :(

Ooh.. I am so upset right now, really.. I wanna start over.. I wanna eat as if I am getting married again. I wanna be healthy again! I hate being in this situation! Arghhhhhhh