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Its been awhile since i properly blogged. A lot has happen since my last post..

My transfer request has been denied and the first week of school holiday was spent driving to the MOE office EVERY SINGLE DAY! Huhu... The last day was accompanying besties to send in hers.. Hehe..

The second week of hols (last week) was spent spring cleaning! Ok, actually we already moved in into my sis's apartment during our wedding anniversary! so Yay! two things to celebrate on that day! hehe

Alhamdulillah, its been two weeks since i officially became domestic goddess a housewife and i love every minute of it!

I lov preparing breakfast and dinner for him! I also lov making deserts and knowing that he's excited about coming home to taste them! hehe.. Never knew that i would enjoy baking that much! hehe.. Will share some of the outcomes later! :)

p/s: Just realized that i am SOOO LAZY uploading all the pics that i took! Hohoho