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Hijab Inspirations - Maria Elena

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Another day has passed and i am still feeding my frenzy with Hijab googling images -_-"
I found another interesting lady's blog to stalk adore! Meet Maria Elena! She sounds Grecian rite? But nope, she's a Malaysian :)

Even her "About Me" just cracks me up :p >>

saya anak Malaysia, tapi Bahasa Malaysia dapat B3 masa SPM, maka saya anak Malaysia perasan English, tapi sebenarnya takde la terror english. Btw, terror bukan 'scary', terror is hebat. you know hebat? ala, hebat looks like me. hahaha! (kantoi saya pengawas masa kat sekolah)

Haha! She's funny like that! Anyway, i love the way she wears her Hijab. Simple and relax. She even put up a tutorial on how she puts her Hijab on. Its so hilarious and so good, even Yuna is posting it up! Haha, yes, the singer!

This is her..

and this is her hilarious and interesting Hijab tutorial :)

I think she had only wear Hijab recently (kantoi tak khatam lagi blog dia.. haha) but my fav entry so far would be the one where she tells you the changes and expectation once one wore the Hijab.. Seronot!

Enjoy her Blog guys :)