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of Babies and Honeymoon

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Had a late nite yesterday. Initially, i wanted to watch the latest season of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. But then, i found out that Kardashian's were next, so what the heck...

Slept at about 11pm and woke up a bit late and with a throbbing head this morning. Luckily, my daily 1L plain water made it disappear! :)

Anyways, last night episode was about both Kimora and Kourtney giving birth to their sons; Kenzo Lee (such luscious lips! yum) and Mason Dash (Very Blond! :p). Both had the hospital and labour drama.. While Kimora's was a bit family friendly, i wouldn't suggest you watch the Kardashians' though. At one point, Kourtney placed a cup under her V's just to show that her water had broke *eww* but, i admire her courage of pulling Mason out of herself when he was coming out... My jaw just dropped at the sight of it. Kimora's was funnier as at one point, while waiting for her contractions to be closer, blamed her Husband for making her pregnant and suffer! Haha... I lov her! :)

What i loved about both was that their other half just stood there with them, watching the whole process, holding their hands and just giving their baby-mama words of courage and love... Bes gila :).. I cried after both show! Cry baby, i know! hehehe..

On the other note, both me & Hubster can't wait for our honeymoon this June! The best part is, we're going to spend our 5th Anniversary and Hubster's 28th birthday there! Yay! I am so excited! less than a month to go! hehehe.. Can't wait to spend a romantic getaway with my dearest Better Half! :)

Lov you Loads, babe! Mwah!


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Nay-MrsNurl says
Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 3:20:00 AM GMT+8

hopefully kat Bali klak u conceived, and get your own 'Mia Sara' hehehehe..

princess.dHani says
Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 9:36:00 PM GMT+8

thanks nai! praying hard for Bali babies! *wink*