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What Your Shades Says About You

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i was never a fan of shades. well, being ms specky four eyes really killed my mood to wear them.. But since converting to contact lenses recently, i can finally wear then and not be RABUN! hehe.. hence, i bought these! :)

there are of course different types and style, and like shoes, every design unconsciously says who you are inside. Lets see which ones are you :)

1. Oversized
Thanks to the petite fashionistas MK Olsen and Nicole Richie, oversize shades screams chic, glamorous and sexy!
How to wear them: Very flattering for most women, oversized shades make a large face appear more petite. Opt for a light - coloured frame if you are aiming for something vintage-y.

2. Aviator
Traditionally worn by air force pilots, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham are really guilty or making them so SEXY! These masculine shades evoke power and confidence.
How to wear them: Graduated shades is great for a modern touch. Best worn by one who has a narrow forehead and a strong jawline.

3. Classic
Black or tortoise-shell frame, oval- ish or rectangular rims are understated and timeless, and portray effortless elegance.
How to wear them: Round faces look best with straight, squared-off frames. A heart-shaped faces should look for frames that are wider at the bottom. Frames with a straight top and a curved bottom are gorgeous for diamond-shaped faces.

4. Small and Round
Famous in the 60's, the wearer are always considered creative and artsy. If worn by the right person, you might achieve a boho-chic look.
How to wear them: Not everyone can pass this look. Square faces with a sharp jaw and angular lines are softened by round lenses, and therefore look best in them.

5. Wraparound
Wraparound gives a sporty edge and say you're an active, adventurous person. They're always very functional, and very suitable for the women on-the-go.
How to wear them: If ever considering these shade, please try to invest for the best protection for your eyes from the glaring sun.