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Back to Reality

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Touched down around 11.10am only to arrive at Qp at 5pm today.. i am still too tired to blog but feels an obligation to do so :)

Summing up my weekend:

  1. Lov our new Wayfarer! Yup! me and Beh we both got one! hehe... Bergaya la g Bali nanti.. hahaha
  2. GAP is my current fav brand! The "Always Skinny" range really made my Butt looks great!
  3. Am currently planning a new project with Hubster and BabySis.. I hope i can launch it soon!
  4. Can't wait for Good Friday Holiday! Mau jumpa suami saya lagi! Huhu
that's all for now.. Will blog properly tomorrow :) i HOpe :) Toodles~~