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Life After Marriage

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|WARNING >>Gag Factor: 8|

a lot of my single friends ask me this same question, over and over again... Besides the baby questions, of course....

How's life after being married?

most of the time, i just smiled or grinned.. but sometimes when i feel a bit cheeky or mischievous, I just told them

Bes! Kalau tau bes, lama dah kawen :P

haha... honestly, i lov being married :).. i lov having someone to look forward to as I come home from work.. i lov having a cooking and dinner buddy.. i lov the calm and happy feelings that I get everytime he hugs me ♥..

most of the time, i lov being His wife.. His one and only :) i am so blessed :) Alhamdulillah..

p/s: mushy ka? i miss him so much :(