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School is in!

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had our first Sekolah ganti today.. 1 down, 4 more Saturdays to go! huhu... malas memangla malas, but then bila fikir that i get to have 1 week of holidays for CNY, i felt better! hehehe

School's ok.. i still have a few missing student... hmm tak taula bila nak register... orang lain berebut2 nak masuk Pra KPM, dia bley slambe je tak g... haih..

Me, i am still thinking about transferring to Ka-Ching every single moment that i can... Haih.. i miss him terribly :)

luckily i got these two to make my stay here more bearable :)..


and yes, this is Afiq that i told you guys about a few weeks ago :)