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He likes me, he likes me NOT!

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Have you ever had that feeling where you just wondered, Does he like me... too? heheh... i know most girls gets this once in a while, i was like that too when i 1st met Beh♥

1. He flashes his brows and smiles when he sees you.
Raising your brows is usually one of a smallest and simplest sign that someone notices or greets another. When we're attracted to someone, our eyebrows rise and fall subconsciously. And when the other person is similarly attracted, they raise their brows and smile in return.

2. He points his body towards you.
If he's sitting across the room, peek at his hands and toes. We always tend to point to our object of desire subconciously :) If he's next to you, squaring his body and shoulder towards you would be a very good sign!

3. He gazes at your lips while you're talking.
It's as if he can't resist caressing the rest of your face and hair with his eyes, or he's imagining what it feels like to kiss you on the lips. Nuff said! haha!

4. His pupils widen and he blinks more when looking at you.
This is a biological reaction we cannot control. If we're looking at a person we like, our pupils will dilate, so will our blink rate. The reason: When we're excited, our body releases more adrenaline which results in dilated pupils and faster blinks; the same physiological process that makes our heart pump faster and our knees weak!

5. He laughs at just about everything you say.
If his eyebrows remain slightly raised while you're talking, it signals that he finds you fascinating. Another obvious sign that he likes you a lot: He nods, smiles, laughs and agrees with just about everything you say, including the silly stuff. He's not just being cordial; he's genuinely happy to be with you! :)

So, watch out for the sign, girls! :)