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Starbucks, Photoshoot and Typhoon!

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had our outdoor Photoshoot session today... A tiring but LOADS of FUN! hehe.. I always thought that i am gonna loathed the session, it turns out that when u are dolled up and all, I CANT STOP BEING PHOTOGRAPHED! I LOV it to DEATH actually! hehehe

the day started around 9, MUA starting to paint me and finished around 11, only to start around 12 at an abandon house near Batu Lintang. attacked by Mosquitoes, we only managed to take a few shots before heading to Starbucks Precint 88. OP was aiming for a glass building as out background so it was the only place we could think of... besides, by that time, we were already famished! hehe

we then head to Pullman for a few interesting shots before going to Camp Permai for and obligatory beach shot.. hehe.. we were forced to rushed at the beach because by the time we end the session, a Typhoon was coming! ok, i was exagerating, a storm was coming.. we then head home with about 1k+ frames for the OP to chose from! hehe..


p/s: no pics guys... I HONESTLY FORGOT! huhu

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