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Au Revoir 2009, Hello 2010

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its that time of the year again... 2009 has been a very generous year for me, Alhamdulillah... the highlight of my year was, Being a wifey to my beloved Hubster, theRoxsta.... everyday i wake up from my sleep and thanked Allah for that blessing.. Syukur sangat...

Family-wise, i've gain a new family and extended family, and my family actually managed to kumpul sama2 after a few years of tak cukup korum, thanks to my wedding too ♥

Career-wise, i've got my Perlantikan Jawatan this year.. ergo, a bit raise in my gaji.. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.. :)

Health-wise, i achieved my 1st phase of weight goal, which is 45kgs.. the last time i ever weight 45kgs was when i was finishing my SPM, which is about 10 years ago! pergh... lamak gila weii.. hehe..

Blog-wise, i can't believe that i can achieve 20k page view in this year alone, which is within 1 and half year blogging... Thanks dearest readers, for making this come true :) Overall, its been such a great year.. :)

Now its time to do a new list of Resolutions! hehe... let's see.. last year's that i managed to achieve was

a better daughter, sister, aunt, FIANCEE, educator, cook and domestic goddess ;p
Increase saving aka be richer
Confirmed position aka raise in salary q(^^,)p
reach my ideal weight (which is 41kg) and sticking to it!
wear contact lenses fulltime
fix my teeth *for real this time*
buy own domain :D
get married
own crib

so, some of the resolutions were too general but i am still ticking it because i think i did achieve them.. :) this year, i'll try to be a bit realistic, k? Let's see...

a better WIFEY, daughter, sister, aunt, educator, cook and domestic goddess :)
save for Bali, KK, Jakarta and Baby :P
confirm position
transferred back to Ka-cHing
buy a car *once transferred*
healthier choice of food and lifestyle
hotter bod for Bali *hahaha*
own crib
own domain

there are more, ofcourse, but i can't think of some now.. i'll add on later :) So, how's ur resolution? lets try to achieve them together, k? chaiyok! chaiyok!


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kenwooi says
Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 10:18:00 AM GMT+8

all the best in your new year resolutions!
happy new year! =)

princess.dHani says
Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 10:41:00 AM GMT+8

hye ken.. its been a while huh? hehe

thanks.. happy new year to you too... :)

fikaryna says
Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 5:12:00 PM GMT+8

wish u a very good luck in all ur undertakings..n happy new year 2..

princess.dHani says
Friday, January 1, 2010 at 12:19:00 PM GMT+8

THanks ryna... May 2010 bring babies to our lives ;)