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One More Day~~

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1stly, EidMubarrak to readers semua... its been a hectic week for me.. yesterday managed to buy a new light fixture for my bedroom. the bed also arrived yesterday, and so did the curtain and Door curtain.. heh heh

my sisters are all here now! we're having our Raya breakfast together after a few years of not having everyone presence at the same time! huhu

what else, huh...

oh yeah, manage to do a quick mani+pedi session with my baby sis.. also went out to find a silver wedding shoe for my akad and bersanding session! the best part was, it was on sale and I bought them only at RM50! hehehe

Bigsis gave me a present for Wedding! i Got a MAC set that's worth the same price of an LCD TV! wah! thanks so much sis! looks like i'll never have to buy make up for a year now! hehehe

The mini pelamin is already up, can't wait to pasang my inai tonight.. Ooh, i better go.. my mom is bising already.. hehe


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