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didn't feel like updating, but then i just need to stretch my back and fingers a bit. i am actually very busy wrapping the kids gift for their graduation ceremony. ya, budak2 sekarang senang2 je nak pake topi segi mpat tuh hehe..

its halfway done only, need to pack another 8 plus 3 more for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

the pink thingy is my blinged stapler! hahaha

can't wait for it to be over with! next week is cuti~~ the month long cuti that i've been waiting since forever! hehe.. its gonna be a different one this time..

instead of staying at home with dad and waiting patiently for the office hours to end so that i can go ngedate with Beh, i am gonna be home waiting for Beh to come home from work, preparing DINNER and all! huhu..

thinking bout it making me feel nervous and all, but i am excited to be spending time with the one that i Lov so much for the rest of our lives! hehe..

OMG! i am going to be his WIFEY in less than 2 weeks! GASPS!

♥ ♥ ♥